24 | benefitconcert for the Gaza children

On March 14, starting at eight o’clock in the evening, a benefit evening will be organized for the children of Gaza in the English Church on the Simpelhuisstraat in Middelburg. You are hereby cordially invited.The entire proceeds of the evening will go to the Hope Foundation.
The Hope Foundation pays artists with therapeutic experience to organize all kinds of art projects for the children to free them from the horrors they are confronted with on a daily basis.

During the evening, a Hope Foundation representative will talk about their work and music will be played by musician friends Sjef Hermans and Robbert Jan Swiers.

Also on display will be drawings made by children from Gaza, of which A4 prints will be for sale for € 50- each.
To be able to choose quietly, we have made a small brochure with those drawings, which you can find after these words.
Via curiositas@zeelandnet.nl you can then order your drawings. You can pick up the drawings on the spot at March 14 or have them sent to you.
If you come – which of course we hope you will – it is wise to bring cash.
There is, of course, also a possibility to make a donation to the Hope Foundation via digital means. This can be done both on site and through their website.
There is no entrance fee for the concert, but we hope for a generous contribution on your part.

Until 14 March,

Sjef, Robbert Jan and Hans