Short C.V.

Born: September 14, 1952
Place of birth: Leiden
Registered: IDOC list ( recognized professional artists by C.B.K. -Zeeland)

Since 2013, by means of the ongoing art-series distant suffering, the Dutch artist Hans Overvliet ( Leiden, 1952 ) investigates the role of the media in their representation of (military) violence. This, in the context of themes as perception, memory and identity formation.

Overvliet uses a various range of media, symbols and codes, bringing together seemingly dichotomies like beauty and violence, refinement and brutality, the sublime and the vulgar.

Aspects of power, politics, exclusion, censorship and the connection between artist, artwork and viewer seemingly effortlessly infiltrate his multifaceted conceptual oeuvre. The language-image relationship and references to (art) history are always present.

As a reporter, Overvliet was an eyewitness to the events in the Middle East during the 1980s. Of course these experiences resonate in distant suffering. The action driven perspective that is included in the approach of Hannah Arendt’s non-paternalistic empathy is the performative part of the series distant suffering.

Elements of distant suffering were exhibited in the Netherlands, Belgium, Pakistan, Italy, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and England.
Hans Overvliet lives and works in the province of Zeeland in the South-West of the Netherlands.

Hans is, together with his wife Willy van Houtum, the founder and every day guardian of the 27-year old space for contemporary art: ruimteCAESUUR.

Italy | Milano | Manuel Zoia Gallery
Pakistan | Karachi | Mehreen Hashmi’s Art Gallery

Shortened C.V. Hans Overvliet | distant suffering

2014 – 2017
Willem3 | Vlissingen | 2014

(WOOT) | AntwerpBelgium | 2015

Art Gouda | het Weeshuis – Gouda | 2016

Biënnale Amersfoort | Vreemde Gasten ( Foreign Guests ) | 2016

Vleeshal | Middelburg  | So You Don’t Get Lost in the Neighborhood | 2017

Abby Complex | Middelburg | Iconoclastic Fury | 2017

Willem Twee art space | Den Bosch | DISTORTION | curator Loek Grootjans

KarachiPakistan | Kabutar | curator Mehreen Hashmi

VeronaItaly | Manuel Zoia Gallery | Kabutar

Watermans Arts CentreEngland | London | exhibition D.R.H.A.

[ due to Civid19 some exhibitions were postponed in ’20 and ’21]

Cultuurcentrum BruggeBelgium | Comédie de la Condition Humaine
curator Jan Verhaeghe | 2020 – also in the catalog

Art Magazine decreet | Also in the public space Middelburg | 2021

MEN OF (street art) | Independent Artists | MilanItaly

Steal like an Artist! | Kunstpodium ‘T’ | Tilburg
curated by Lost Painters | Niek Hendrix

Luxfer Open Space |  Česká SkaliceCzech Republic  | residency / solo exhibition

Juxtapose Art Fair | AarhusDenmark

2021 – 2022
StockholmSweden  | Studio44 | December 6, 2021 – January 6, 2022
curator Rikard Fåhraeus

LahorePakistan | In the glare of grey moon | Ranrez art gallery
curator Mehreen Hashmi

BruggesBelgium | Expect an Occasional Attack … and Flee
CultuurCentrum Brugge | curator Jan Verhaeghe

StockholmSweden | Art Fair for artist initiatives | Supermarket
Presented along the works of teamCAESUUR

Financial support
Mondrian Fund
SBKM / Vleeshal Middelburg

Awards, residencies and commissions
Winner Global Arts Award from Red Line Art Works,
a UK-based global arts project, category art series
residence Sea foundation | Tilburg | 2018
Waterland Neeltje Jans
Municipality of Axel

Work in collection
Municipality of Bruges
Municipality of Middelburg
Province of Zeeland
CBK Zealand
Various private collections

Art-related activities Hans Overvliet as part of his art praxis
2015 – 2021         Initiator of Art House Zeeland, platform for artists
2012 –                  Creating a Landscape Art Park Vlissingen
2009 – 2019        Chairman Foundation Studio Complex KipVis
2009 – 2014        Chairman Foundation decreet / concrete,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxArt magazine decreet
2005 – 2012         Chairman PLUS MIN Foundation, Renesse,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xsucceeded by IK Foundation, Vlissingen
1995 –                   Founder, curator & co-director of Art Space ruimteCAESUUR
1995 –                   Curator / art educational projects / advising
xxxxxxxxxxxx  xxgovernmental bodies on art

Work in collection
Waterland Neeltje Jans
Municipality of Axel
Municipality of Bruges
Municipality of Middelburg
Province of Zeeland
CBK Zealand
Various private collections