bahnhof25 | Kleve | Germany

Saturday, november 11 at 4 p.m. was the opening of a group exhibtion in Kunstverein projektraum bahnhof25, Bahnhofstr. 25 D Kleve – Germany.
Also with the German artists Brigitte Dams and Fritz Poorten

German premiere of the presentation of my ice bullet.

Next to that I will show my platters,
the Yemeni teacup and a brand new sound sculpture, specially developed for this wonderful art place and its beautful people:

Some cans of ‘i.d. of a shared key’ will find its way through out the whole exhibition . . .
Warm thanks to the team of Kunstverein projektraum bahnhof25: Dirk D. Knickhoff, Elisabeth Schink and Ulrike E.W. Scholder.
And Martina Verlage, Siegfried Schink, Barbara Jakobs and  Johann C. Heesch.

The exhibition ran untill the 3rd of December 2023.