Brugge | distant suffering XIII – II | i.d. of shared distortion

For the exhibition ‘Jacky X 10 + 1’ by Jan Verhaeghe

On the 5th of April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad – including two Reuters news staff.
The same day I made a typoscript of the communication between the soldiers and the airmen involved.

Inspired by the project / exhibition Les Refugiés | Cultuurcentrum Bugge | 27/04/’17 – 27/05/’17, in which I was involved,  I assembled the typoscript with images from the web I collected for Les Refugiés [ wich was curated by my friend Jan Verhaeghe ] for his project / exhibition Jacky X 10 + 1.

Jan Verhaeghe is a conceptual artist and exhibition maker.
He investigates the relationships between the artist, the artwork and the viewer in the ever changing social context, in which the artist has a spearhead function, and where he as an artist works out the following concepts:
perception: the possibilities / difficulties, (self) censorship, ‘image’ – (de)formation, authenticity / multiplicability, truth / sham / forgery, art (&) politics and all this within art historical reference frameworks.

Quite in line with my art concept.

The edition of distant suffering XIII – II | i.d. of shared distortion comes in  a total of three copies: two for the  project / exhibition Jacky X 10 + 1 and one as an A.P.

Wednesday, 06 September 2017