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studio photo: courtesy of ©André Smits

Interview door Rolf Bosboom van de PZC d.d. 18 januari 2020 [ Dutch ]


foto ©2020 | Giel Louws


Participating in AiR Biekorf 4.0
Tragedy of the Human Deficit | Tragédie de la Condition Humaine

April 23 – 1 March 1st 2020

Work: distant suffering #XIX / 6 |  dissection of a disappearing cloud
work in progress
remembering the Said al-Mishal Cultural Center | Gaza City
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Participating in

21-24 May 2020 | Kromhouthal, Amsterdam Noord

distant suffering XVII | i.d. of a shared bullet
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May 2020 | New Art Fair Rome

distant suffering XVI A| difference and repetition
i.d. of a shared assemble game set

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13 t/m 21 juni 2020


20 21 | date to be set
Performance distant suffering XIV | i.d. of a shared cloud #2 | the ‘book’ in Gallery Luxfer | Czech Republic.
Click here for the catalogue ‘the book’.
‘Instead of providing us with a slick and streamlined finished art object, Overvliet’s ‘book’ challenges us to join him in a slow, detailed – and potentially frustrating – engagement with contemporary media. Thus, the work doesn’t provide us with an endpoint, but instead creates a breathing space. A moment to step outside the numbing, high-speed stream of fear-inducing media spectacles.’
Dr. D. Ploeger | 2019
Sea foundation | Tilburg             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKunsthal45 | Den Helder